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Parent Conference Night, 10/19/17 5pm-7pm. Progress Report Cards will be distributed at 4:00pm. Minimum Day on 10/20/17. Students are dismissed at 12:37 pm on 10/20/17.

News & Announcements

Saturday Credit Recovery Classes Start on 9/23/17 at 8 a.m.

If your son or daughter failed a class and needs to make up the credits, please have them attend Belmont's Saturday Credit Recovery Program. Classes start on 9/23/17 at 8 a.m. Classes are held from 8:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. A snack will be provided. Go Sentinels!

Belmont Welcomes Assistant Principal Jorge Calderon

A Message from Mr. Calderon,

Starting a new year gives us the opportunity to make new plans, design new strategies, and implement new ideas. There is a special kind of joy and satisfaction in planning lessons and activities for a new class; for although the grade level or subject may be the same, the students are new, and they will appreciate the planning that is done for them. Whether one’s responsibility is administrating, supervising, teaching, preparing lunches, maintaining a building, or managing an office, there is always room for improvement and new ways to do a good job better.

As your new assistant principal, I am very happy to be a member of the Belmont family. Each of us is a part of the fabric that holds things together here. Belmont is a great place to be because of you, our dedicated staff, and our parents and community, sharing a common goal ~ to do what is best for our students ~ and looking for ways to build on and achieve that goal.

As we embark upon our mission, we must concentrate on the processes that spark continuous growth: evaluating what we are doing, determining what we can do to improve, and by identifying what we need in order to make those improvements. In whatever we do, we must hold high expectations of ourselves and of our students, we must be accountable for the work we do and we must share in the responsibility of making sure our students are successful.

I look forward to another great year! In so doing, I invite you to share in the mission and vision of our school, providing all of our students with high quality teaching and learning and exposure to college and careers, in an environment that is safe and secure with many experiences and opportunities that will guide them in becoming lifelong learners and productive members of society.

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