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Emmanual Marquez and Nathalie Sanchez were chosen as CIF/Subway Student Athletes of the Semester for Fall 2015.

SAGE Presentation

Go Grease Lightning!

Journalism students interview celebrities on the red carpet at Women in Entertainment Awards

Wonderful Grease Cast

Beauty School Drop Out

Industry AutoCAD Certification

Decathaletes making Belmont proud!

Students represent Belmont at The Chicano Leadership Conference


News & Announcements

Belmont High School Students' Struggle Featured in the Los Angeles Times

Gaspar Marcos stepped off the 720 bus into early-morning darkness in MacArthur Park after the end of an eight-hour shift of scrubbing dishes in a Westwood restaurant.

He walked toward his apartment, past laundromats fortified with iron bars and scrawled with graffiti, shuttered stores that sold knockoffs and a cook staffing a taco cart in eerie desolation. Around 3 a.m., he collapsed into a twin bed in a room he rents from a family.

Five hours later, he slid into his desk at Belmont High School, just before the bell rang. The 18-year-old sophomore rubbed his eyes and fixed his gaze on an algebra equation.

Minutes ticked by, and others straggled into the class, nine in all. Like Marcos, most had worked a full shift the night before — sewing clothes, cooking in restaurants, painting homes.

Most were immigrants from Central America, part of several waves of more than 100,000 who arrived as children in the U.S. in the past five years without parents, often after perilous journeys.

Multimedia Students Represent Belmont High School

Multimedia students, Kristal Torres, Eli Alvarez and Mey Sok produced “School Vision" videos that were selected as finalists for the California Alliance for Arts Education’s Student Voices Campaign, which supported students to advocate for their preferred school programs in the Local Control Funding Formula. The videos were chosen by a panel of celebrity judges which included Game of Thrones director Jack Bender, TV Actor Jason Ritter, California Arts Council member Louise McGuiness.

The videos were shown at the Student Voices Summit and Screening at the San Francisco Art Institute on April 30. Kristal and Eli were honored with an all-expenses paid trip, along with students from all over California, for an afternoon of student-led advocacy workshops, master classes with celebrated artists Christopher Coppola, Isa Borgeson, and Delroy Lindo.

Eli and Kristal also were able to tour Pixar Studios with Recruitment Executive Tricia Andres. Multimedia Coordinator, Mr. Olsen and his former student and CSUN animation student, Guadalupe Julio accompanied them on the trip.

Congratulations to Belmont Swimmers!

Yovana Leal - varsity league champ in 100 m breast stroke and
2nd place in 50 freestyle

Alex Olivares - varsity 3rd place in 100 m freestyle

Relay Team 200 m free relay - 3rd place

Alyssa Fernandez - F/S 50 backstroke - 2nd place and
50 freestyle - 3rd place

Multimedia Academy Explores Warner Brothers Studio Lot

Multimedia students set out on an adventure with filmmaking teacher Dain Olsen, exploring the exterior and interior lots on the iconic studios nestled into the surrounding hills near Griffith Park.

As they arrived through the gates, students quickly boarded trams to peruse the vast studio. Multimedia students were thrilled to see the back lots and facades from some of their favorite television shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Pretty Little Liars, Two Broke Girls, and Gilmore Girls. Some lucky students toured the set of The Big Bang Theory while others perused the extensive prop warehouses.

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