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There will be Winter Plus Credit Recovery on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at the Adult School Building.  No School on Monday, January 21st, 2019: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

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College and Career Day Sparks Student Interest

Students filled the flats under a brilliant sun, gaining newfound appreciation for the multitude of careers and academic pathways within their reach after graduation. Northridge, UCLA, Loyola Marymount, Southwestern Law, Dominguez Hills, Cal State LA, LACC, LA Trade Tech, and East Los Angeles College participated in the annual event, fielding questions from enthusiastic Sentinels.

Spearheaded by A-G counselors Gerardo Marquez and Angela Mora, this informational extravaganza profoundly impacted Belmont students. “It’s a joy to see students preparing to take the next step after high school by learning what options are available to them at these types of events,” noted Marquez.

Ninth grade student Jasmine Sanchez recently remarked about the impressive gender representation at the event. “Meeting a firefighter who is a female was very inspirational to me and proves that you can be part of a profession regardless of what others say or expect,” noted Sanchez. “Meeting her reminded me that I can be someone in the future who will help others.” A representative from the FBI and an architect were also on hand to shed light upon other career aspirations.

Senior Andre Le La Luna was equally dazzled by the array of career options for seniors who are still on the fence about their lives post-graduation. “I feel like Mr. Marquez and Mrs. Mora did a spectacular job of bringing different careers to Belmont to spark the interest of students.” Senior Eduardo Hernandez agrees. “I think Mr. Marquez and Mrs. Mora are really dedicated to helping us,” said Hernandez. “They want us to go out there and explore all the choices we have in life.”

Stephanie Trejo, Angela Mora, and Gerardo Marquez will continue their classroom visits this semester, helping Sentinels understand the scope of the A-G requirements. “We continue to try to engage students who are not engaged in their education,” said Marquez. “We continue to connect with those students off track to graduate and find an appropriate pathway where they can earn their high school diploma.”

Seniors on campus certainly appreciate the attention from this trio of counselors. “They are very supportive and I’m glad seniors have someone to count on when they feel confused or wonder about their progress towards graduation,” said Daniela Romero.

Please see Herrera, Mora, or Marquez if you have any questions or concerns about reaching the graduation stage this June.
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Contributing British Vogue Editor and Inclusion Advocate Inspires Belmont Students

California and Ireland may be an ocean apart, but Sinead Burke narrowed that divide with a visit to Los Angeles during the fall semester. Burke shared her experiences as an advocate for more diversity and inclusivity in multiple realms of entertainment.

Whether she is on stage, interviewing acclaimed actress Saoirse Ronan at Google headquarters, featured in TED talks, teaching, writing, or honored at fashion galas and awards shows across the world, Burke remains grounded in goodness and greeted Belmont’s Sentinels with open-hearted generosity.

Nathan Contreras recalled Burke’s visit with fond remembrance. “Her attitude and confidence in terms of how she spoke about herself and others impressed me,” noted Contreras. “She doesn’t let anything get to her and really opened my eyes about not being so judgmental of others.”

Students also remarked about Burke’s gravitas as a featured speaker at the World Economic Forum, as well as her groundbreaking work as a writer. “At first it was intimidating to be in someone’s presence who has such a high-powered role in the fashion industry,” said Margaret Gonzalez. Yet, Burke’s approachability put the students at ease as they asked her open-ended questions about her experiences as a published writer and advocate for people with disabilities.

When she is not contributing to British Vogue and the New York Times or taking the fashion world by storm, Burke shares her life experiences as a person with Achondroplasia. Burke is 3’5 and travels the globe passionately conveying her hopes for making the world more accessible for everyone. Bryan Soriano felt awakened by her message. “It helps me appreciate life more now,” noted Soriano. “She has to go through certain things that other people haven’t experienced and she is the root [of a movement] that’s going to expand to others in terms of accessibility.” Marisol Arellano agrees. “The world doesn’t keep her and others with Achondroplasia in mind in terms of what she needs,” expressed Arellano, “but she’s fighting for herself and others who don’t have someone advocating for their rights.”

Burke’s transcendent voice still lingers at Belmont and her recent feature in Glamour magazine confidently smiles from the walls of room 145. “I think it’s great that she’s still trying to figure herself out like anyone else,” added Gonzalez. “Sinead is making a pathway and setting an example about learning to accept ourselves. She was so encouraging and while she doesn’t know what’s going to unfold next, she has faith in what’s going to happen for her life. You can tell Sinead is going to be one of the people who makes a difference in this world.”
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