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Ana Sotomayor Wins $20,000 Warren Christopher Scholarship

Ana Sotomayor Wins $20,000 Warren Christopher Scholarship


By The Sentinel newspaper staff


Ana Sotomayor received a mid-week surprise when her counselor Mrs. Kim informed her that she is the recipient of the Warren Christopher Scholarship. Much to Sotomayor’s delight, Kim delivered the news in her English class taught by Ms. Mateo.


This substantial honor rewards accomplished sophomores with a scholarship of $20,000 to apply to any university the recipient is accepted to at the culmination of her high school years. 100 schools in the Los Angeles area selected one top performing 10th grader and only twelve students were chosen for this award. According to Gear Up’s Jeff Willis, “Ana basically beat out 88 of the best of the best to receive this award. Really quite an accomplishment.”


Sotomayor has certainly made her mark during her short time on campus. She was quickly promoted to news editor of The Sentinel after working as a staff writer during her freshmen year. She heads 2K18, a club devoted to fundraising that will augment the needs of her senior class. Sotomayor is also an active member of the Feminist Club.


Determined, ever positive, and brimming with school spirit, this award is proof that devoted and enthusiastic involvement in an array of organizations and clubs plays a part in consideration for awards such as this.


Principal Dr. McGregor recognized Ana’s tremendous accomplishments at this week’s staff development meeting. As Ana addressed the staff, she spoke of her desire to pursue the arena of broadcast journalism and perhaps a run for public office.


Note: The photo that accompanies this write-up was taken when Sotomayor and America Lopez worked in the field as journalists at The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment awards ceremony last semester.