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There will be Winter Plus Credit Recovery on Saturday, January 19, 2019 at the Adult School Building.  No School on Monday, January 21st, 2019: Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
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Choosing a College

Applications, Essays, Recommendations, and Deadlines . . . Oh My!


Applying to college can be as scary as traveling from Kansas to the land of Oz  but just as Dorothy had the Yellow Brick Road to guide her to see the Wizard, you have this website to provide you with important information and to assist you in applying to a college or university. 


The next stage of your journey is to determine what criteria is important to you in regards to selecting your ideal, or perfect match, school. Are you interested in going to college outside California or do you prefer to stay close to home? Can you thrive in a large public university or would you be better suited in the smaller, more intimate setting of a private college? What types of academic programs and extracurricular activities are available at each institution? How important is a vibrant and diverse campus life to you? There are so many questions to ponder and your responses develop into selection criteria that you can use to help you decide which colleges and universities to consider. Click HERE for a list of selection criteria to consider in choosing a college


Once you have a good idea of  Who you are, Why college is important, and What you are looking for in a college, you are then ready for HOW TO APPLY TO COLLEGE. Regardless of whether you are applying to a public university, private college, or community college, there are many deadlines to meet. Check HERE for an overview of all the important dates and deadlines that pertain to applying to college for 2015-16