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Winter Credit. Recovery starts on Saturday December 15, 2018 Winter Credit Recovery: From December 15 to December 28
Mr. Joseʹ Camacho. » Auto Mechanics Teacher.

Auto Mechanics Teacher.


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Week 2 AUTOMOTIVE CAREERS FROM 8-22-16 to 8-2616

Automotive careers assignments: students take Cornell notes from a class power point presentation, explore the different job opportunities in the auto industry, working conditions, job requirements, pay and industry ASE certification process.

ORIENTATION FROM 8-16-16 to 8-19-16

First week assignments: students discuss and select classroom agreements, write a post it and perform a mini oral presentation. The next assignment  covers a reflection on benefits of being on time, regular attendance, taking responsibility and doing your work. Strategies for a productive and successful semester are covered at the end of the week.


This mini video covers how the fuel mixture is delivered into the engine cylinders.


Monday 11/2/15 to 11/6/15.
As soon as students are finished with basic hand tools mini presentations, the next activity is to use the learned information, to select and use the proper tool during an engine tear down hands-on practice. For this activity, a complete engine is given to each student team, a complete tools set and instruction to proceed with the practice. All students write down the steps taken, the tools selected for the job, and include a practice summary. This assignment is worth 100 points.


Monday 10/26/15 to 10/30/15.
LEARNING OBJECTIVE: Given chapter #3 basic hand tools, mini lectures and a power point presentation, students will name all hand tools and explain use and application.
LANGUAGE OBJECTIVE: Students will articulate main idea and details using key vocabulary. All students get a part from chapter #3 to research, edit, and give an oral mini presentation.
CTE ANCHOR STANDARD: 1.0 Apply proper technical skills, and academic knowledge.
C2.0 Practice safe and appropriate use of tools, equipment and work process.
B2.2 Use tools and machines to safely measure, test, diagnose, etc.


Monday 10/19/15  to 10/23/15
After taking and passing the shop safety test, students safely lift a car off the ground using a floor jack, jack stands, a vehicle, and a creeper to go under the car. Students learn how to use the tire changer by removing and installing a tire off the rim from a given tire. Finally students are introduced to tire balancing, all students learn how to mount a tire on the machine, do proper calibration and install needed weights to effectively balance a tire.
CTE STANDARD: Demonstrate health and safety procedures, regulations and personal health practices.


Monday 10/12/15.
During the course of this week, all students take a 40 question safety test. The test score accepted to perform any hands-on activities is 100%. The test covers all information presented and discussed  during class, and serves as a legal document indicating safety training should an accident occur in the classroom.
Good luck!!!
STANDARDS: C6.0  Demonstrate health and safety procedures, regulations, and personal health practices.


This mini clip covers the expectation and policy of some work environments. The use of drugs ans alcohol lowers productivity, income, and increases the chance for accidents to occur.