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Winter Credit. Recovery starts on Saturday December 15, 2018 Winter Credit Recovery: From December 15 to December 28
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Being an Egyptian

Hi Kids. Here's a video file for you to bump while on a long car trip this holiday weekend. Enjoy.

Mesotamia Comparative Poster


Create a poster using Mesopotamia on one side, and a civilization of your choice.  Choices=Egypt, Shang, Harappa, Olmec, or Chavín)

Use primary sources, the textbook, and other researched internet visuals to prove that:

They are civilizations because they have: 1) Large state with bureaucracy, 2) Economy based on agriculture, 3) Large urban centers, 4) specialized labor, 5) complex religious belief systems, 6) social stratification, 7) Long range trade.  Support with text evidence, and cite your sources.

Presentations of findings to be given Tuesday, peer graded.  Rubric as follows.

1 point per each element of civilization (with an example)  7/7 is perfect.  The percentage is the pointage.

Compar And Contrast Essay

Because nobody demanded it...the Compare and Contrast Essay is back.  Attached you will find a DBQ Sheet( you will also get a hard copy).  You must complete the DBQ questions, and in addition, complete a PERSIANS CHART comparing The Realm of Islam, and the Foundations of Christian Society in Western Europe.     You will be required to read Chapters 14 and 17.  We are in the home stretch!  Stressed out? That's how college feels, but in return you get to sleep late.